Be Mine Bear Cookies for Valentine's Day

Monday, February 9, 2015

I have always had a weak spot for bears and ever since I came across these cute nut-hugging bears on pinterest, I just need to make my version of hugging bear cookies. So perfect for Valentine's Day!

Heart-hugging Bear Cookies

Sugar Cookies:
you'll need
- Cookie Dough (I use the sugar cookie recipe from Playground's cookie decorating class. But any cookie recipe without baking powder will do)
- Rolling Pin & Mat
- Baking Paper & Tray
- Bear Cookie Cutter (Available in our Shop )
- Tiny Heart Cookie Cutter (Available in our Shop )

1. Line baking paper in the tray. Preheat oven according to recipe.
2. On a non-stick mat, roll out your cold cookie dough. With the bear cookie cutter, cut out bear-shaped cookies and lay them evenly inside the tray.
3. Cut out heart-shaped cookies with the tiny heart cutter, carefully place a heart cookie on top of each bear cookie. Repeat until each bear has a heart on top.
4. The cut-out cookies should start to feel softer now. Gently bend the arms of the bear and wrap around the heart cookie. Press down gently to make sure the hands and heart are stuck together. (If the cut-out cookies are still firm and cold, wait for a few more minutes before you begin this process) If the "armpit" has minor cracks, get a pinch of soft cookie dough to fill the crack.
5. Put the tray of cut-out cookies into the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes or until firm.
6. Bake for 12 - 15 minutes or according to recipe. Remember to leave the cookies inside the oven for a few extra minutes to make sure the tiny heart is also cooked.

you'll need
- Stiff Consistency Royal Icing in Brown, Black and Pale Yellow
- Flood Consistency Royal Icing in Brown and Pale Yellow
- Red Gel Paste Food Colouring and Brush, or Red Edible Ink Marker

* If you are new to cookie decorating, Stephanie from Joy of Baking has a video recipe on her site.
* I always turn on the fan in the oven to speed up the drying time of the royal icing in between coffee breaks. Remember though, FAN ONLY, not heat!

1. Start out by piping the outline of the bear with brown stiff consistency icing.
2. Fill the head and body with brown flood consistency icing.
3. Pipe the outline of the heart with yellow stiff consistency icing, avoiding where the hands are overlapped.
4. Fill the heart with yellow flood consistency icing.
5. Fill the ears with brown flood consistency icing.
6. Outline the hands with brown stiff consistency icing.
7. Fill the hands with brown flood consistency icing. Pay attention to the amount you add here, make sure the royal icing don't drip down.
8. Draw the eyes and nose with black stiff consistency icing.
9. Write your message on the dried icing heart with gel colouring or edible ink marker.


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